Single-Origin Chocolate

Single-origin chocolate is when the cocoa beans are grown from a single known geographic origin.

Naturally, every single-origin chocolate has a signature flavor profile.  These are some elements that make up their profile:
  1. Climate - This includes the temperature, the amount of rain and sun, and humidity of the area where the cacao beans are grown. 
  2. Terrain - These are the slopes and flats of where the cacao trees are planted.
  3. Biodiversity of the area - This includes other living plants, animals, insects, bugs, and other organisms living within the area. 
  4. Composition of the soil - This includes the amount of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids and organisms that make up the earth where the roots of the trees are grounded. This may be caused by other natural elements surrounding the plantation, like a nearby volcano or a stream of water.
  5. Harvesting times, techniques, milling and the processing methods


Chocolates could be made with a blend of cocoa beans that come from different geographic locations, matching their traits together to come up with a "blend of perfection".  But Single-origin chocolate is what it is, and we find that beautiful.  It is a celebration of where the beans come from. 

The founders of Tigre Y Oliva fell in love discovering the different tasting profiles of single-origin chocolate.  And they want to share this love with everyone.

With single-origin chocolate, you get to taste the delicious story of the cacao beans. Because of its uniqueness, every single-origin chocolate is simply incomparable to any other chocolate already.